Q. What is a Virtual Conference?

A virtual conference is a lot like any other conference – you’ll hear experts speak and learn from their wisdom and experience.

The only difference is that you’ll attend from home – just by logging in to the conference website, and watch and listen to the conference presentations there.

Once you’ve got a conference ticket, you’ll be able to submit your questions. Our team at the Fun Music Company will then collate these questions, and ask the most popular, important, and useful questions to the expert in their interview.

Q. ‘Im not available at this time’ do I have to attend at a specific time?

We’ve had this question a lot, even before the dates were released. The answer is NO you  do NOT have to watch at a specific time.

The conference is broadcast from the 7th-10th of July, from 9:30AM until 4PM, in your local time zone. If you have a basic pass you can access the replay for that week only, but if you have the Gold or Diamond packages you can access the content online for an entire year.

Q. Can I get graduate credits or accreditation for professional development

This has also been asked a lot, and there are many different rules about this from school boards and authorities around the world.

We are not a tertiary institution, so we’re not able to issue graduate credits. What we can do is provide a named ‘certificate of attendance’ that you may be able to use to claim professional development time, depending on your local authorities rules. These certificates state your name, the amount of time of all the sessions and that you were a participant. You will get one of these certificates in either the Gold Access + Replay package or the Diamond delivered package

Q. Can I ask questions if I attend live?

We are not doing completely live video – it is too troublesome and potentially not the greatest experience for everyone. The interviews are recorded a few days before being edited and presented on the conference days. This also allows us to ‘time shift’ the presentation to be presented at a convenient time for you, no matter where you live in the world.

However, you CAN submit questions via the form on the website, and your questions will be collated and asked of the speaker if possible. We think that this results in the best, most relevant and useful questions being asked for everyone.

Q. How many hours of Professional Development time is this?

We aim for one hour sessions with our guests, and we have sixteen guests. Our own ‘workshop’ sessions may be a little shorter. We expect the total time for the conference to be between 16-20 hours.

Q. Can my school pay? Do you take purchase orders?

Yes… we take orders throught the normal channels offered by the Fun Music Company. Please see the Fun Music Company school orders page to see the options available to you.


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